In these courses you'll learn everything...

from the eye for composition you’ll need to deliver outstanding results to clients, to understanding the video editing software you’ll use, to the paperwork examples you can use to draft proposals, file invoices, and run your own business.

  • Let us guide you step by step through everything you’d learn yourself over the next few years, in a fraction of the time!

  • Work for yourself, make money from your passion, and fly confidently, safely, and legally at all times, for any kind of client from government contractors to local real estate agents.

  • Learn everything you need to know to fly drones commercially with confidence, ease, and professionalism.

Payment Plans

You can get access to both of our premiere courses for as low as $49 a month!

  • 4 x $1,995.00

    4 x $1,995.00The Landing Workshop

    Everything You Need To Know To Run A Profitable Aerial Company. Land $1k+ Contracts This Week Or Your Money Back.
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Was this you?

Most people who want to start a drone business go out and put a $3000 drone on a credit card, and then hope they can pay it off with actual aerial contracts and never quite make it.

Don’t get stuck in debt with a drone you don’t know how to get paid reliably to use, trying to figure out how to work complicated video and photo software when you’re not even sure what to search youtube to learn! We can help.
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Confidence, Ease, and Profit

  • Perfect Your Flying Skills

    Develop complete confidence that you’re flying safely and legally at all times. Have FUN flying, without the stress of not being able to afford it, not knowing where to fly, or having nothing to shoot. We'll give you a best practices tool kit includes tips and tricks to make the most of each flight and each battery. Learn how to get incredibly cinematic camera movements and shots with each part of your flight.

  • Develop Your Creativity

    In our course you'll develop the expertise to edit photos to professional quality, a skill that will apply to your whole life, not just aerial imagery. You'll know how to edit a catchy, fun final video for a client, and you'll develop and intuition for doing creative commercial work - everything from getting your license all the way to final product delivery and payment!

  • Pay for your hobby, or run a business!

    You'll have our suggestions for tools to use to deliver clean, professional work and be able to charge for it upfront so you can start getting paid to take breathtaking aerial pictures as your full-time job in as little as 30 days. Imagine having confidence that you can pull in extra cash whenever you want doing what you love - plus drones will be a business expense, so you can always have the latest gear!

Meet Our Instructors

Steve Moraco


Steve Moraco

Steve is the founder of Lander Media, has his degree in Fine Art Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and has been an entrepreneur, professional photographer, and cinematographer for 10 years.
Malone Parado

Part 107 Instructor

Malone Parado
Greg Halleck

Part 107 Instructor

Greg Halleck

Greg is a former commercial airline pilot turned instructor. Learn more about him at

One More Thing...

  • Real Example Paperwork

    You'll have example contracts & paperwork at hand so you have drafts of invoices, proposals, closing & CRM tools, and more that you can work from, even if you’ve never done any of it before.

  • Real Example Waivers

    Example waivers from the FAA & walkthrough calls you can listen to to understand how to talk to towers & FAA inspectors.

  • Real Human Instructors

    We've made drones-Eye-View fly-with-me videos that make you feel like a private instructor is showing you their secrets.