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Course curriculum

Note: All content is made available in both desktop & mobile editing styles, as well as compiled into a searchable, interactive Notion dashboard to skim, read, or review whenever you'd like.

  • 1


    • General Course Principles
  • 2


    • A Few Format Tests Before We Draft The Rest Of The Course
    • Setting Up A New Computer To Allow You To Be An Instant Power User
    • Memory Card Emptying
    • Folder Organization
    • Adobe Tools & Key Commands Overview for this Sesh
    • Dropbox Syncing
    • How To Pull Stills From Video
    • Selects 1
    • Selects & Edit Tutorials Overview
    • Selects 1 - Alt cut - with silence left in.
    • Selects 2 - 4 Stars & Prelim Edits
    • Edit 2 - Finishing Touches For Consistent Productions
    • Edit 1 - Selects 5 Stars & Beginning Individual Edits
    • Editing Panoramas & Creating New Focal Lengths for any camera or lens
    • Video Selects - Turning Raw Video Content Into Re-Composable Media Others Can Use
  • 3

    General Skills

    • Folders & File Systems Built To Last Decades
    • Sorting & Organizing Files For Shoots
    • Organizing Files For Real Life
    • Organizing Files For Other People
    • High Level Overview - The History of How Digital Videos & Photos are written and stored, and how it matters for shooting, editing, exporting, displaying, and storing imagery.
    • Expert Level Bonus Round: DIT For Solopreneurs - How To Empty Memory Cards Simply, Safe, and Effectively Every Time
  • 4


    • General Shooting Tips
    • Photographic Theory (Lens Physics)
    • Hands-On Walkthrough of Nerdy Photography Terms You Don't Have To Remember
    • Stabilization
    • The Role of Shutter Speed In Storytelling
    • Light & Shadow Fundamentals
    • Composition Fundementals
    • Overview Of Concepts
    • Portraiture Fundementals
    • Architecture Fundementals
    • Landscape Fundementals
    • Weather & Lighting Fundamentals
    • Weather & Lighting Apps & Best Practices
    • Recap: Putting it all together in the field
    • Expert Bonus Round: Using Focal Length & Height to take a remarkable image with any camera, in any lighting condition, of any model or subject.
  • 5

    Photo Editing

    • High Level Preview: Lightroom Workflow
    • Tone & Lighting Fundamentals In Post
    • Composition In Post
    • Portrait Post-Processing Introduction
    • 1-Hour Edit Walkthrough
    • Architecture Post Processing
    • Landscape Post Processing
    • Portraits Post-Processing In Depth
    • Recap: A whole shoot from start to finish
    • File Exporting Guidelines: PNG, TIF, PSD settings & JPG quality explained.
    • Expert Bonus Round: Editing multiple unrelated shoots from many cameras into one cohesive photo story
  • 6


    • Taking Notes: A Guide To Using Inspiration Productively
    • Storyboarding & Concepting
    • Video Fundentals
    • Getting Familiar with the Language of Cinema
    • Advanced Video Capture
    • Shutter Angle Vs. Shutter Speed
    • Aerial Shot Making Fundamentals
    • Audio Capture Fundamentals
    • In Focus: Aerial Hyperlapses
    • Timelapse
    • Expert Level Bonus: Camera Movement in Storytelling
  • 7

    Cinema Post Processing

    • Introduction To Non-Linear Editing
    • Organizing Your Workspace
    • Setting Up Your Storyboard In Premeire
    • Making A Selects Reel
    • Beginning Your Edit
    • Editing Basics
    • Color Correction Overview - Flat or Rec. 709 (Broadcast) Color?
    • Audio Processing Fundementals
    • After Effects & Audition Workflow Integration
    • Final Finishing Fundamentals
    • Multicam Editing Tutorial
    • Review & Feedback Runs For Clients
    • Final Exports & Settings - Everything you need to know about video codecs and bitrates.
    • Expert Bonus Round: Seeing the unseen in video quality, compression levels, memory card write speed & more.
  • 8


    • Media Asset Final Delivery Overview
    • Tools To Review Video & Photo Feedback
    • Publishing Options: Pictures & Video (and how the internet tends to eat them)
    • Archiving: Long Term Storage Solutions
    • Enterprise Solutions to Long Term Storage
    • Guiding Organization Principles as Technology Improves
    • Expert Level Bonus - In Review: How to layer & combine skills from your new still & video skillsets to develop world-class imagery wherever you go!
    • Thank You
  • 9

    Second Opinions: Interviews With Experts

    • Interview With Movie & TV Director
    • Interview with A Veteran Studio Owner
    • Interview with a DIT Tech
    • Film History & Anamorphic Lenses
    • Interview with a Rental House Owner
    • Interview with a Script Writer to Discuss Visual Storytelling